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45 years of tube bending technology in the spirit of innovation and continuity.


The company RASI, with over 45 years of experience in the manufacture of tube bending machines and tube measuring systems, presents high-tech products which satisfy our customers highest demands for quality.


The specific use intended by our customer is naturally always a top priority. RASI offers solutions for bending tasks with tool dependent or tool independent radii. Each tube bending machine is configured with the customer specific accessories and control upgradings according to the building block principle: there are no limits to the combinations of mandril bending, ring bending, spiral bending, press bending and multi-radius bending. A step by step, modular upgrading of the machine is possible at any time, offers all-purpose use and saves investment costs.

A wide spectrum of bending technology can be covered with our comprehensive range of products:

•  with the classic electro-hydraulic CNC controlled, half or fully automatic mandril bending machine for tight bending radii.

•  with the electro-hydraulic, track controlled three roller bending machine for large and variable bending radii.

•  electro-hydraulic, CNC controlled UNIVERSAL bending machine for tight as well as variable bending radii.

•  multi-radius bending machines with multi-groove mandril bending tools for different small and large bending radii, 4 roller bending and mandril bending all combined in one piece of equipment.

•  multi-radius bending machines for curve bending, mandril and three roller bending for tight and large bending radii.

RASI tube bending machines prove themselves in the most diverse areas of application, such as in stairs and enclosure construction, furniture building, sanitary and swimming pool construction, barn construction, sport and playground equipment, in the automotive industry, in pipeline construction, in ship and carriage construction and in the construction of facilities for the chemical and drinks industry. They are used by small and medium sized businesses as well as in large-scale industry.




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