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Customer service and repair service

Everyday use proves what a quality product is. A long lifespan and minimal wear are characteristics of RASI machines. Regular maintenance and customer service raise the lifespan of your machine. Naturally their are malfunctions which must be repaired. Our customer service and repair service are available for all that. We perform customer service and repair work rapidly and reliably with the aid of our trained staff. Our comprehensive spare part warehouse guarantees prompt and reliable supply and delivery.


Many problems can also be resolved over the phone. In that instance, our technical staff, fully qualified engineers and technicians as well as our electronics expert are ready to assist you.


There is a problem analysis sheet available, so that problem troubleshooting can be done properly and our technical staff have the chance to deal with the problems correctly. You can download this as a pdf document, print it out, enter a detailed description of your machine and either fax it or send it to us as an email.

Problem analysis sheet


Our own toolmaking workshop

We are able to offer our customers both standard bending tools as well as special equipment from our own toolmaking workshop.